We constantly monitor the quality of food being prepared at our kitchen. Our staffs are well equipped with necessary protective hygienic gears.

Guardian Food Menu

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Pudi, Sabji Egg Curry, Chawal Tadka, Roti
Tuesday Sada Roti, Sabji Chawal, Dal, Bhunjia Sattu, Puri, Chutney
Wednesday Plain Pratha, Chana Masala Chicken, Chawal Sabji(Seasonal), Plain Roti
Thursday Puri Sabji Chawal, Curry,Bhunjia, Pickle Kheer, Pudi, Sabji
Friday Sada Roti, Sabji Chhole, Chawal, Pickle Egg Curry, Roti
Saturday Puri, Sabji Kheechri, Chokha, Papad, Pickle Matter Paneer, Roti
Sunday Aaloo Pratha, Chutney Jeera Rice, Chana Dal Tadka, Dum(Seasonal) Sabji, Roti


Breakfast:: Plain Roti - 4pics. / Pudi - 6pics. / Aaloo Pratha - 2pics.
Dinner 7 Lunch:: Chicken - 2pics. / Egg - 2pics. / Sattoo Puri - 8pics. / Puri - 10pics.
Note:: other Arrangement are Available for Vegetarian


Breakfast Timing:: 7:00AM - to - 9:00AM
Breakfast Timing:: 1:00PM - to - 3:00PM
Breakfast Timing:: 7:30PM - to - 9:30PM

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